Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Did the Groundhog see his shadow or not???

I must say that I never really pay attention to that groundhog's day stuff of whether or not we will have a delay in spring's arrival...but now that it's the first week in april and I've seen hide nor hair of spring's arrival, I'm just wonderin'! I can't take much more of this cooped up in the house because it's raining, hailing, or snowing stuff for much longer!

There I said my peace...just praying for a little sunshine! For my kids sake...and my sanity!


angie said...

I forgot which way it goes, but the outcome was that we'd have a LATE spring. :)

Shannon said...

All I can say is I am there with you! Shouldn't we be outside in short sleeves by now??

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,
Your family is adorable. I sure miss seeing you and your layouts and talents. I am kinda going through a blocked stage right now. ugh. My family is doing great, Noah is working and Jordan should be next week. Just plugging away. Miss ya Pam