Friday, March 23, 2007

Sunday, March 04, 2007

photos as promised

This was my attempt at getting a shot of the boys with Rocky. And you can see just how well that turned out.
Our moose, I mean puppy.

This is a rare sight, Aaron doesn't nap much anymore these days.
No, we did not get another puppy. We puppy sat for my brother over night, and this is how I found Jacob and little Rocky when I was going to bed. And yes my brother named his puppy Rocky too. As long as he doesn't name any children he might some day have the same as our kids names, it's cool!
Katelyn modeling Grandpa's shades. You can kind of see the teeth she's cutting on the top. Yeah, that's been REAL fun!
My 2 beauties!
Mady getting Grandpa's nose.
A normal feeding for the girls. I really do kind of wish they could hold their own bottles.

Friday, March 02, 2007

It's been a while since my last post. Everything is still pretty much the same with all of us. We're all staying healthy. YAY!!! But we're still being cautious because rsv season is not over yet. I can't wait for Spring to be here. The warmer weather and some sunshine will be so nice. Maybe we'll even, dare I say, venture out more!

So the babies are changing a lot these days. They are so curious and adventurous. Their favorite thing to do is get into the drawer where I keep all the diapers and baby wipes and pull everything out. They're no longer content to play in their excersaucers. That's like baby jail to them now! Both Katy & Mady are cruising around the furniture very well now. I know the day where they start walking is going to sneak up on us, and then we're really in trouble!
I'm also very HAPPY to report that Katelyn is finally sleeping through the night!!! So 15 months of interrupted sleep is a thing of the past! YAY!!!

Madelyn still continues to do very well in her therapies. We are currently working on the "milk" sign, and some sensory stuff. Mady is not doing the signs yet, but it seems that she understands their meaning. She's probably going to start seeing a speech therapist a few times a month. We have a meeting with the ST in 2 weeks where she'll kind of evaluate her speech and determine how delayed she is.

In other news, I've decided to add a few extra days a month to my work schedule. I am currently only working saturdays, but am going to be working a few thursdays a month as well. I'm excited about it, and my best friend Danielle and I have worked out some daycare trade.

Other than that, the boys are doing very good. Aaron is going through a bit of a frustrating phase right now. He wants (and expects) me to know the answer to everything he asks. Sometimes he asks things that make absolutely no sense to us, but to him it probably makes perfect sense. If I don't have an answer and say I don't know, or give him an answer that he doesn't like he has a bit of a fit! And he is becoming more and more of a Mommy's boy. Which I must say that I love. He's always been very independant, no time for cuddles, never cared if I left the house. But now he always wants to cuddle, sit in my lap, go everywhere I go. When I come home from work he tells me how much he missed's kind of nice!

Jacob is working very hard on his reading. Ian & I got a hooked on phonics program to help him out, and WOW what a turn around it's been already. He is eager to read now, and enjoys it. It's so awesome to see your kid want to learn and really enjoy learning. He always has loved learning, but with this reading thing, it was really interfering with all of that. He's such a smart kid, and we're so proud of him.

That's about it for now. I've got some fresh pictures to share. My camera battery (and backup battery) is dead, so check for them soon! PEACE!