Wednesday, March 19, 2008

what a bad bad

BAD blogger I am! You know I really have no excuse either...well besides the fact that Katy & Mady have hit the terrible 2's in a major way! I think I'm getting too old for the terrible 2's!!! Having 2 at once is frustrating, comical, frustrating, fun, and oh did I say frustrating?! A typical day in the wake of their ploys includes...picking up their dumped baskets of toys a bazillion times. Changing Madelyn's sheets everyday because she will NOT keep her diaper on, and will pee or poop and then it gets all over her bed. Feeding these 2 teeny tiny things all through out the day (they are always hungry or thirsty). Each girl gets at least 2 time outs in the corner per day for hitting, pushing or throwing things at one another. Which brings me to their brawling ways. I think these 2 got more spice than sugar...they are rough ones! They also enjoy pulling everything out of closests, drawers, and cabinets that are not under baby lockdown. Playing in the toilet has been a big hit, as is getting into the garbage, and throwing food from their highchairs. Udressing themselves all day long (keeping clothes on them is an endless battle). And it always amazes me that even though we have 2 of pretty much everything for them, they still fight over toys. All day long! Between the girls and Aaron I am on my toes all day long. And I've also been caring for 2 of Danielle's boys 2 days a week, and also my nephew Landen 2 days a week. So basically life is BUSY with many many children...and my poor poor house is never clean! I don't think I've even taken any photos of my kids all month! I plan on setting up my tripod for a family portrait on Easter Sunday after church. Hope to get at least one good shot of all of us together, since I don't think we've ever had one. Easter is one of my favorite days for taking lots of photos. I am hoping for sunshine for an outside egg hunt, and portrait session.

If I don't post again before this weekend...I hope everyone have a happy Good Friday, and a wonderful Easter!