Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Friday, May 18, 2007

I knew it wouldn't be long

Before Katelyn started walking too! She just took her very first steps thismorning while Mady's therapist was visiting. I was just stunned that she took several steps before falling, like she's been walking for weeks now or something. I will try to snap some pictures today to post later. I can't wait for Ian to come home from work today and see both babies up and walking. AMAZING!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


I finally was able to capture Mady walking with my camera. So here she is! A few are a little blurry, but these are the best I got.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Here I am again!

Wow 2 posts in one day... Incredible I know! But with things settling down (my work has officially closed it's doors...insert sobbing smiley here), and everyone's staying well, I guess I have a little more time to blog. I should of course be spending time folding the 4 loads of laundry piled on my loveseat, but as I always say laundry will always be there tomorrow. I mean it's never really done now is it? Even when you think it done, I just take a look at all the clothes the 6 of my family members are wearing and remind myself that it's a losing battle.

In baby news, Madelyn is now an official walker!!! She has really started to take more and more steps. Really just today as a matter of fact is when I noticed that she's really trying it out more and more. She still crawls as her main mode of transportation (that girl can crawl at lightening speed), but I know it's just a matter of days before crawling is a thing of the past! And hopefully Katelyn will see how cool it is to walk, and that crawling is for babies, and she'll want to do what all the cool kids are doing and walk too! She's close, she just needs to lose the fear. Katelyn has started walking while pushing her push-n-ride toy, and does really well. She goes until she runs into something, and then either gets frustrated because she can't go any further, OR she'll back up (that's right I said back up) and turn it the other direction to keep on going! So I KNOW she CAN walk, SHE just has to know she can walk! I mean the girl's got skills with her backwards walking and all!

Since the weather is changing to nice warmer temperatures I've been getting the girls a few things here and there for their summer wardrobe. I got some stuff 12 months and some stuff 9 months. The 9 month stuff fits them really good, and the 12 month stuff is just starting to fit. I've had the best luck with target's clothes for them in the 12 month size...so far all the stuff I've gotten there in the bigger size is fitting pretty darn good! I'm really reluctant to buy much in the 9 month size because if they grow even a little bit it'll be too small!

So I mentioned the other day that Madelyn has turned into a mama's girl. It's amazing the transformation that has taken place with our realationship. Before she was sick, she could pretty much take me or leave me. She didn't like to be held pretty much ever, and when she did it was for very brief periods. But now man! it's like we have this connection that honestly I think got broken while she was in the NICU for 3 months. I know she was tiny and kind of incoherent, but I really think her NICU stay had a hand in shaping the baby she is. She was the one who really struggled the most, and because of all she endured, I think she developed a bit of a tough exterior. But don't get me wrong she hasn't lost any of her fiestyness! But now she loves to be held a bit more (not cuddled just held), and comes up to me to be picked up, she lays her head in my lap, gives me kisses, and just really shows much more affection than she ever did before! She's even said mama a few times lately! (she really struggles to say the ma sound) She wants to be with me and follows me around the house. It just makes me happy in a way that I can't even describe.

One of Katelyn's cute new things is to pretend that she's talking on the phone. She talks with remotes, her binky, blocks, her hand, pretty much anything that she thinks is a suitable phone. she'll hold it up to her ear and just start jabbering away! She's definitely her mama's daughter. I see a play phone in her future very soon! Another not so cute thing that she's been doing is playing in the toilet water! Anytime anyone leaves the bathroom door open she sneaks in there to play in the toilet. It grosses me out!!! Now I'd think Mady would be the one doing something this mischivous, but Mady's sensory issues slow her down a bit when it comes to sticking her hands in cold toilet water.

Mady has shown signs of having SID (sensory integration dysfunction) It's been talked about with her therapists, and we just continue to play a lot of sensory kind of games with her to help her through it. Right now her major sensory issues have to do with touch and sounds. She's sensitive to touch on her face and feet, but her hands are the worst. SID is a disorder similar to autism. It's a disorder that causes difficulties with processing information from all of the senses; vision, hearing, touch, and taste. It's much more common for very low birth weight preemies to have SID, but since Mady is in Early Intervention we are very optomistic that her issues can be overcome!

Well, that's all for now. I'm off to bed :)

random photos

Jacob picked out this funny disguise from the dollar store a couple weeks ago. The boys got a big kick out of wearing it and trying to fool us! Aaron looks so silly :p
He's growing up so fast!!! Missing 3 teeth...He's rich from all the Tooth Fairy visits lately.
Mady's cute grin! I love how she even smiles with her eyes.
Katelyn glued to the t.v. She loves watching the Backyardigan's with Aaron This was also the first time I got pigtails in Katelyn's hair. Still haven't been able to do them in Mady's.
Mowhawk girls...it's never too early to have a little rock n roll style!
Katy still glued to t.v. This is a classic Katelyn face. She's always got her lips kind of puckered like that. Practicing for when she becomes a runway model already!
Jacob feeding Mady
The best shot out of like 50 from Easter of all 4 kids
Jacob in his disguise

Mady playing peek-a-boo
Doesn't Katelyn look so beautiful in this photo? Love how her eyes are all lit up
Katelyn loves to pretend to talk on anything that she thinks makes a suitable phone. this time it was Jacob's video now. wonder where she learned that from? ;)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

We are all still alive...

Yes, I know it's been forever since I posted anything on this blog. But in my defense things have been extremely busy for the entire month of april!!! That with my new addiction to myspace has not been good for this poor neglected blog.

So I guess it's time for a big 'ole update eh? I guess I'll do this list style, since it's easier to cover most topics that way...

1. Everyone is healthy after what was the worst sickness month of the year, including RSV for both Katelyn & Madelyn (Mady ended up in the hospital for 5 days on O2)

2. Katy & Mady are still tiny little girls...Mady is still only 15 lbs and Katy is probably close to 17 lbs. It is not upsetting me as much as it used to that they are extremely small even for their adjusted age. I think because A: They'd probably be petite anyway even if they were full term and B: They are improving greatly on their food intake. Mady still eats like a bird, but at least she's eating! Even textured stuff!!! And Katelyn has a very good appetite and can eat twice as much as little Mady.

3. Madelyn has turned into a bit of a mommy's girl since her stay at the hospital where she was on me 24/7 for 5 days straight. She actually wants to be held a lot now...go figure!

4. Madelyn is going to be the first to walk!!! She actually took her first few steps tonight!!! Katelyn isn't brave enough to do anything of the sort as of yet, even though I know she's ready, she's much too timid. But she is getting more brave by letting go when she's standing. Mady can stand up all by herself now without pulling up on something!!! It's the craziest thing to see this tiny little girl have so much strength!

5. Jacob has lost both of his top 2 teeth and 1 at the bottom...So he's looking like a toothless wonder right now. He's changing so much, really turning into a big kid...it's killing me and making me happy all at the same time!

6. Aaron still makes me want to laugh, rip my hair out, and hug him all at the same time! He's eccentric, and wild, and so sweet. He's given me a run for my money these past several weeks. And I am totally excited for him because he finally learned how to pedal on his trike!
YAY DUDE!!! He's been playing outside a bunch, blowing bubbles, and drawing with sidewalk chalk. Fun times! I can't wait for summertime playdates at the pool.

7. Ian & I get to go to Las Vegas in June for a few nights. We are totally excited, neither of us have ever been...it's gonna be awesome!

8. Our dog has turned into a huge disobedient (but good with the kids) brat! He thinks it's o.k. to jump on people, and does horrible on a leash for walks. But he's a sweetie, and we love him! Ian is looking into obedient books or classes for him.

9. I am going to be an Auntie for the very first time in November. My brother and his girlfriend told us they are expecting!!! I am so freaking excited to have a new baby in the family and for the first time it's not be that's having it!!!

10. The Scrap Yard where I've worked for nearly 3 years is closing on May 12th. I am extremely sad about it. I love that place and all the friendships I've made there. It's been a very special time in my life to be a part of it, and I will miss it dearly.

11. Mady's voice is getting much stronger. I think she'll always have a raspy voice, but it'll give her charachter, and when she's older she might sound like Kathleen Turner or have some wonderful soulfull singer's voice or something like that...gotta think on the bright side right?

12. Katelyn is convinced that we can all understand her baby gibberish, and has lenghty conversations with anyone who'll listen. Especially with Mady...I swear they have this secret twin language going on, and are plotting something mischivious!

13. Speaking of twin things, Katelyn and Madelyn were holding hands while in their highchairs having dinner tonight. And I caught Madelyn passing Katy some of her food! Seriously she was, it's no wonder she doesn't gain any weight! She's making Katy eat her dinner too!!!

14. Madelyn's favorite toy is a plastic hammer. She carries it around all day, and even sleeps with it. She bangs everything with it, so I'm pretty convinced that she's going to become a drummer. It brings her much delight to make as much noise as possible with it.

I know there's much more to talk about, but it's after 1:00 a.m. so I am going to bed. Will put up some photos and any other must talk about stuff soon. Tomorrow maybe.