Monday, June 25, 2007

lots of photos

Madelyn making her kissy face
She loves having something in each hand Katelyn playing with Mady's dress...enjoying a milk break
A little blurry, but Katy looks so cute

Katelyn walking with Aaron's big train the next 2 are kind of blurry of Katy walking

The boys loving summer!

The boys played football with my dad on father's day

Daddy's girl (Katy)

Father's day with my dad and brother
Pretty Katelyn
Daddy & Katy
Father daughter dance times 2!
Pretty Mady

Friday, June 08, 2007

Latest news from the pediatrician

I've been meaning to give an update on the girls since early last week, after they visited their pediatrician. Both girls came down with an icky cold which lasted all week last week, and this week has just been busy. They are both feeling normal again with the exception of Katelyn cutting 4 new teeth at the moment. That hasn't been too bad though, I just give her tylenol and some baby oragel when needed.

So here's what the doc had to say,

Katelyn: 17lbs 4oz

I can't remember the length but I do know that Katy is 1/2" taller than Mady is. Dr. F recommended that she have her eyes checked again soon since her right eye seems to cross pretty frequently. She also seems to have an issue with balance which could also be linked to vision problems. He also talked with her nuerologist and they agreed to try weaning Katy off the topimax. She's been taking it for her nuerological movement disorder which was causing all the muscle spasams in her face. So far the weaning is going good, and her spells have not increased. I am hoping she has outgrown this issue, and will be totally of the meds within a few weeks if all goes well. He assessed their skills as he does at every well check appt. Katy is delayed in both gross-motor & speach. No big news there! So far she has not caught up to other toddlers in the same age group is basically all that means. But she's making progress in her own time, which is totally acceptable. Dr. F felt really good about the progress she's made since their last visit. He also said he was PLEASED with her growth!!! That word has never come out of his mouth in regards to the growth of either baby! So he gave us the go ahead to take her off of formula and switch to whole milk. So far the switch has gone well for her. So all in all the report is good for little Katy. She's babbling more and more and can say hi, mama, dada, book, & uh-oh. And she's walking around more and more!

Madelyn: 16lbs 12 oz.

Mady is still smaller than Katelyn, but has turned into a pretty good eater. All the months and months of working with therapists have really paid off! She still needs her liquids thickened for aspiration into the lungs. Dr. F also was also comfortable with switching Mady to whole milk too. So far so good with that. Dr. F is still concerned with Madelyn's sensory issues, and the fact that she's developed a major case of anxiety disorder doesn't help with that problem. She wouldn't let him exam her without completely having a meltdown! He also said Mady is developmentally delayed in gross motor and speach (again nothing new). She doesn't really say any real words yet, but does say mom & dada, and she tries to say book. She loves books! It's her favorite thing to look at, and will bring them to me all day so she can look and point at the pictures. Madelyn is really starting to master her walking skills. It's like half and half now between how much she crawls & walks. She has excellent balance and strength! She's also become quite sassy, and we can tell she understands what no no means. She thinks it's a game to do something naughty and we'll say no no Mady and she just starts giggling! I can already tell Ian & I are going to be a little bit on the push-over side with the 2 of them when it comes to discipline. They are just so tiny and cute, I can't imagine punishing them. I think the best news about Mady is that her reflux is doing soooo much better! I told Dr. F that I think she's ready to be taken of the reglan. He did not hesitate and said definitely. It was a drug he didn't like perscribing anyway, and one that we didn't feel comfortable with having her on for long term. So I stopped giving it to her immediately and so far so good! She will just continue taking prevacid which is fine.

So that's about all the news I have to report right now. Everything is going well, and the girls are still tiny, but are doing so great! We are truely blessed!!!