Tuesday, April 08, 2008

catching up with photos

Mady Easter morning (notice she's not wearing anything?) And Katelyn
Boys dying their eggs

Aaron climbed into Landen's pack n play with him to snuggle
A few from our snow day back in early Feb

The girls got their first haircuts a few weeks ago. I had her cut them into cute little bobs...Mady
Here's a good sideview of Katy

There just weren't that many photos to include from the past 2 months. I haven't taken nearly as many as I normally do. Easter's photo shoot ended up being a bust, when I noticed both my camera batteries were dead...way to prepare eh? So this is all for now. But Grandma I promise to be a better blogger!!!


Anonymous said...

very sweet photo's. They are all growing up way to fast. Glad to see you blogged. As I have no life and just read everyone else's daily events. miss ya Pam

angie said...

Oh your kids are so cute I just want to HUG them.

Shannon said...

Great photos! I just adore the snow one. Precious!

Susanne P. said...

i love the girls' bangs! it makes them looks so grown up. it's great to see pics of the kids.

Melissa said...

Ahhhh they look so cute!! Love thier haircuts!!! How much do the girls weigh now? i am curious as if they are about the same size as Caitlin? Caitlin was 21.6 lbs her last weight check but I think she has lost a little bit of weight? How do they eat???

Jenny Howard said...

Your family is so beautiful!