Tuesday, July 31, 2007

woe is me

Just when you think things are kinda bad...something disasterous happens! Everyone who knows me, knows I HATE my minivan. But now that it's completely out of commission, I feel the word hate was a bit hasty on my part. I now of course LOVE and miss it, and am deeply sorry for all the hurt I've caused by my cursing it so! Ian & I have the worst of luck with vehicles...actually I do not believe in luck, but if we didn't have bad luck we'd have no luck at all. The transmission has gone out in our beautiful lovely ever so missed minivan! Sadly since we drive an older minivan the repairs are going to cost more than what the van is probably actually worth. But we gave the mechanic the go ahead to fix it anyway, because we are in no way able to buy and make payments on a new/er van. We own the one we have and don't have to worry about a car payment every month...so that alone is worth making the needed repairs. But until the van is fixed I am carless and miserable...stuck in the middle of summer with 4 kids, who are itching to get to the swimming pool, and parks, and all the other fun summertime activities they are missing out on. And in turn are making my life even more crazy from their absolute need for stimulation outside of our home, and their definite boredome! Hopefully in 2 weeks we will have our love home.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Summer Highlights

We've been having such a fun relaxed summer! Just wanted to share some of the good times we've had. enjoy!

The boys during our little fondue party
Katelyn trying to push Madelyn around
Deciding she wants to go for a ride too!
Mady carrying around aunt Taitum's water cup (it's almost as big as she is)
Aaron enjoying BB-Q on the 4th
Jeremy (my brother) with Mady Taitum with Katelyn
My mama and Katelyn going for a walk
Dad and Katy eating yummy BB-Q

Jacob watching the awesome fireworks that Ian and my brother put on
Two of my favorite people :)
AHHHHHH the wonder
Our beautiful family
So cool!

At Foster Lake
Aaron LOVED the water...we had to drag him out when it was time to go

Splashin around

Our trip to the beach

The kids loved playing in the waves
And playing in the sand!
Katy admiring her beachcombing find
Taking a break

Madelyn eating sand (yummy)!
killer waves dude!
Mady running from the tide

Digging a ginormous hole

hanging in the backyard

Ian made a fire pit so the boys could roast marshmellows and hotdogs...it's been a big hit!
Our 5th child
Aaron piloting a rocketship
Jacob was co-pilot