Tuesday, January 23, 2007

needed a dose of cuteness

Mady left Katy right...cute huh? And I didn't even pose them like that!Our little snow fall
Mady May McMabel
Aaron looking out at the snow
Thought a dose of cuteness would be nice, since lately it's been lots of doses of crankiness and sickness and medications, and being stuck at home...blah blah blah blah blah!!!

So there's the latest photos of all the kiddos. We got a very light dusting of snow the other week, the boys had fun playing in it for about 5 minutes. I kept freaking out about them stepping in snow covered dog poop! They don't have any boots, so they had to wear their normal shoes. So I ruined all the fun with my poop paranoia.

Today was miserable around here. Katelyn's cold is moving into her chest, so if she continues to sound the way she did today we'll be heading back to the peed tomorrow. Madelyn is full of snot again, so now starts round 2 for her. Aaron's just been pretty moody, so when he starts getting like that I know his tylenol is wearing off.

O.K. I had every intention of making this a whine free post, but I just can't do it! But I'll stop now before I really get going. Time for some hot cocoa and some down time.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Just a quick little post

UPDATE: So the appt at the peed's office was a bit crazy. Jacob's school called @ 1:45 saying he was sick and needed to be picked up. He was not sick at all, just didn't want to be at school for the last hour and a half. I was a bit furious at him to say the least. From the school we went straight to the peed's office to check in a bit early hoping they'd get us in a bit sooner. They did not. They were completely swamped, seems every child in our town is sick at this moment in time. So all 4 kids and I sat in the waiting room, which was soooo not fun at all. Katelyn was extremely fussy, then Mady started in since there must be something to cry about after all. Aaron was very clingy and wanted to be on my lap the entire time we were there. And Jacob sat sulking, since he just found out that he is grounded from basically everything for playing hookie for the 3rd time in a month.

As far as the visit went, Aaron went first and low and behold the poor kid has double ear infections (AGAIN). Other than that he checked out o.k. Katelyn does not have RSV (thank God), but does have an ear infection in her right ear, and conjunctivitis (also known as pink eye) in both eyes. Since Aaron and Katelyn didn't fair so well, the Doc decided to check out Mady's ears too, just to be safe. She thankfully got a clean bill of health. Since pink eye is pretty contagious the peed we saw gave me an extra refill on the eye ointment so I could give it to Mady if she comes down with it. Can I just say SWEET! Because if she does come down with it, I obviously will know exactly what it looks like, and that's one less extremely painful (on me) trip to the peed.

And that's that!

Katelyn is sick still (or again). It seemed like it was going away and she was on the mend, but then yesterday she woke up all sick again, and today her eyes are so puffy and spewing ickyness. She looks very pitiful and so I am taking her to the peed today. I even settled for a different doc, since ours is booked until tomorrow. Hate that! Anyway I'm a little freaked out that it may be RSV. The girls are not getting synagis this year, so I'm a little bit spazzed out about it!

On the other hand Madelyn is feeling better, and is only coughing a bit (could be reflux related). All the kids have the lingering cough from their colds still though.

Well, wish us luck at the peed today. Our appt is at 2:45, so I'll update when we get back!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Multiples in the womb

I thought I'd share this program from the National Geographic Channel. It's called multiples inside the womb. It shows real life pictures/video of multiples in the womb and 4d imaging. I really wanted to point it out because they do a portion on momo twins, which is what Katy & Mady's gestation was. It will be airing on Thursday at 5:00 pm PT on the national geographic channel. So if any of you are interested in seeing all of what momo twins have to go through in the womb, and the battle they face from the very beginning, I highly recommend watching this program. I've not seen it yet, but am looking forward to watching it.

In all of the countless ultrasounds we had done, we really got to see quite a bit of their development. There were times when they were so tangled up that you couldn't tell what limb belonged to what baby. Their cords became so tangled and knotted that it resembles a big ball of yarn. They had dopplers done on their cords daily after I was admitted to the hospital for constant monitoring. I remember minutes after they were born, my peri came and showed me the ball of mess that they had created while swimming around eachother for those 27 weeks. It was horrifying to see what could've happened. There were SO MANY knots. I was so thankful I had received such great care and they were able to catch their cord accident in time. A cord accident if you don't know is when the cords are knotted and pulled so tightly that it cuts off the flow of blood and oxygen to one or both babies. In this case both babies heart rates were in jeopardy, but Katelyn's was plummeting. I cannot even express in words the fear that completely overcame me.

Now in retrospect I feel completely blessed and so incredibley thankful to God for taking care of my sweet girls. We have had such an amazing outcome. Unfortunately that is not always the case. We have both our girls with us, and so many lose one or both babies. The rarity of this type of identical twin pregnancy is a good thing. It is the second rarest type of twin conception after conjoined twins. It is something that is not supposed to happen. All which happens just because the egg splits later than it's supposed to. In momo twins it splits after the 9th day of fertilization. In conjoined twins it splits after day 12. Noramally in identical twins the egg splits at about the 4th day after fertilazation!

Anyway I just wanted to share a little bit about momo twins with you all, and to really bring some light to how unique and miraculous these babies are. Of course I think all babies are unique and miraculous. But seeing my babies battle for the chance just to be born makes me thank the Lord that they won that battle. That they are here, and happy and healthy. So much to be thankful for...So very blessed.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

On the mend

Watching Baby Einstein. These photos were taken about a week or so ago, before they got sick. Katelyn always claps (last photo) when it's over, and it goes back to the menu screen, where it plays her favorite mozart peice. It's her favorite part of the whole dvd. I could probably just leave it on that menu screen and she'd be happy!

The girls seem to be on the mend from their nasty cold viruses. They are starting to act like their old selves again, and we actually left the house yesterday! HOORAY!!! They are once again sleeping and eating pretty darn good (sort of). Madelyn is still coughing a bit, and has some post nasal drip, so her appetite isn't quite back to normal yet.

Katelyn continues to wake up every night for a bottle. I can't complain though, I'm glad she's taking those extra calories. She's been laughing a lot today (which is rare), and acting silly.

Madelyn turned into a cuddle bug while she was sick, which is SO NOT HER! But yesterday and today she's back to her normal go-go-go self.

And some VERY BIG EXCITING NEWS...Madelyn said MAMA for the first time yesterday!!! And she said it in the sweetest softest voice (not raspy like she normally is), so CUTE! Of course I got all teary eyed like I always do whenever she amazes me with her vocal capabilities. Just awesome that girl is!

We've been having some icky weather, lots of freezing rain and ice. Jacob's been home from school for 4 days now since it was a holiday weekend, and there may not be school tomorrow either. the boys have been watching movies, and built lots of block towers (which the babies so kindly knock down every time). They also have been making forts with their blankets on Aaron's bottom bunk. Good times! But they've been nitpicking about everything to one another and causing me a few mild manic moments! I think we'll do some arts & crafts if there's no school tomorrow. Keeping them busy, and distracted from wanting to pummel eachother is key to staying sane!


Monday, January 08, 2007

I guess I didn't knock HARD enough...

in my previous post about the girls staying healthy. Because they are now both sick with colds. VERY VERY runny noses, and lots of coughs. All of this resulting in two very unhappy little babies, who won't eat much or sleep for any long period of time. So far no fevers.

I'm nervous to see how they handle their first colds. Katelyn's had a bit of a stuffy nose before, but nothing like this. And did I mention Mady is teething?! The next few days are going to be brutal!!!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Can't wait...

To receive this gift that I ordered for myself with some of my birthday money. I ordered the "my favorite outfit" pallette. Toting around my very large digital slr camera won't be so bad anymore! Maybe I'll remember to take it with me when I go places too. I am always accidentally leaving it behind.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

A sad day

"In the arms of the angel, fly away from here
you're in the arms of the angel, may you find
some comfort here" Sarah Mclachlan

Goodbye sweet Emily

Every micro preemie's parents nightmare has come for this family. Please keep them in your prayers.

I can't imagine what they are going through right now. All those fears and emotions that were there when our girls were in the battle came flooding back. We are truely blessed. I feel so much pain for this family that I know only through their blog and our preemie support group. My tears, prayers and thoughts are with you.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Big girls

Don't they look so cute with their little pony tails sticking straight up?!

These two have been doing so much BIG girl stuff lately. They are pretty much at the same level of milestones now! Which is absolutely amazing to me. Remember not too long ago when I dreaded the phrase "catch up", thinking that Madelyn would never be able to catch up to Katelyn's milestones. Wondering constantly what was wrong with her, if she had cerebral palsy, will she ever eat? Well I can finally say that I can breathe a little easier when it comes to Miss Mady. She is showing us what she's really made of. She's spunky, and energetic. She is a determined baby! She's worked VERY hard at everything she's learned to do. It definitely didn't just happen over night. She has worked with so many therapists since August to get to where she is now! She is AMAZING!!!

She is eating much better, though she is still very sensitive to textures. She eats the Gerber stage 2 baby foods pretty well. And she's now eating about 6-7 oz of formula in each bottle. We are still fortifying her bottles with extra calories, and adding the thickener to it. She sucks it down like an old pro now! She is also getting better about not waiting until she is half starved to eat anything. Which means that her system is maturing. She finally gets the signal from her brain that she's getting hungry and is able to handle a whole feeding at once. She's much more mellow about feeding time now because of it. It doesn't feel like an exhausting battle for her anymore. And her size show it! She's just as big as Katelyn is now. I'm not sure the exact weights, we haven't had a weight check since the last time I reported.

As far as gross motor skills, Mady is surpassing all of our expectations. When she first started therapies back in August we sat down with her therapists and set out goals that we'd like her to achieve. They generally like to see kids striving towards accomplishing their goals and hitting them at 6 months from the start of the program. Madelyn has accomplished probably about 90% of her goals in this area already! In fact she's doing so well, that we are probably going to discontinue her physical therapy next month. She's learned to sit, get into and out of sitting position, pull herself up to stand, sit back down, crawl well (without dragging her legs), hold objects well with both hands, interact with toys (cause & effect.. though this is on going), clap, babble with her cute little voice that's getting stronger and stronger! She says baba and dada.

She's just about caught up to her adjusted age of 10.5 months. With the exception of self care skills (like holding a bottle), speech, and some cognitive stuff. She will also still be getting therapies for her sensory issues. I just can't believe how far she's come! She plays with her sissy, and loves to try to steal her binky, toys, blankie or anything else she has for that matter. She's fiesty! It's very cute to watch them interact. You can tell that Katelyn is the older one. That one minute makes a big difference. Mady follows Katy around the house. Wherever Katelyn is, Madelyn is. She wants to do everything like her big sissy!

Katelyn is saying more and more sounds! Just the other night she started repeating mama a lot. Now it's her favorite thing to say. I LOVE hearing her say it! She can also repeat hi! She loves to give kisses, nice big open mouth wet ones. She loves to play peek a boo by pulling her blankie up to her face and popping her head up, then I say peek a boo and she giggles or smiles so big! She also loves to be held and snuggled. She'd be happy to just be held all day long. Where as Mady is much more go go go all the time. She doesn't have time to be held! Katelyn now protests being put down, and crawls up to me and puts her arms up, if I don't pick her up she'll start to cry. It's so stinkin cute I just can't resist. She also protests to having things taken away from her now. She's definitely getting a mind of her own.

Katy loves to eat in her highchair. She loves food, and is doing great with textures. She can eat diced peaches or pairs, cereal puffs, and other lumpy stuff. She likes to try what we're having. She's eaten spegghetti, bread, rice, mashed potatoes, and other stuff from our plates. There's only a few things so far that she won't eat.

She is still having her episodes, though the topimax helps tremendously. I accidentally skipped a dose a couple weeks ago, and she was having one right after another pretty bad. We know that she is defintately benefiting from being on that medication. She will be seeing her nuerologist again soon for a follow up and meds check, which reminds me I need to get something scheduled soon.

The babies are staying healthy so far this cold/flu season. (knock on wood) The boys have had a few colds already, and are actually sick right now. I hope that all of our handwashing, and lysoling is helping to keep them healthy. I feel a bit under the weather today. Really hoping it doesn't end up a sinus infection.

And today is my 30th birthday! Just another day in domestic bliss around here! (said with a tiny bit of sarcasam)


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

some more favs from the holidays

a few holiday pics

Jacob lacing up his new heelys.
Aaron's gianormous train set from the big guy!
Katy tried really hard to rip open the packages. One we got them open all she cared about was the paper and ribbons though.
Here's the twins with one of my beautiful cousins. Melina is so great with the babies, she can always get them to calm down and go to sleep in her arms. She's a natural. (Katy left Mady right)

Madelyn Christmas morning. She was not at all interested in opening gifts. But she really loved the bows. She didn't like me putting them on her head too much though.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The last few weeks have been pretty crazy! As I'm sure it is for most people around the holidays. We had such a wonderful Christmas. We spent Christmas eve with Ian's Dad & Stepmom. She always makes delicous food, and we visit and eat and exchange gifts. It was a great visit even though I ended up with a migraine.

Christmas day was really cool. It's the first year since we've been married that we got to stay home and chill. The kids got to really take time to enjoy their gifts and relax. We hosted a BIG Christmas dinner here at our house. My Mom, Dad and cousins came around 2:00 to help me cook and visit. Then everyone else showed around 4:00. Lots of good food, and good company and great gifts!

Jacob's favorite gifts: Heelys (the shoes with wheels in the heels), star wars video games, and his new fuzion scooter (which was very hard for Santa to find)

Aaron's favorite gifts: Imaginarium train table set (from Santa), GeoTrax train set (from Uncle Jeremy), Thomas Train stuff (from Grandpa Reg)...do you see a theme here?! He's been yelling out "all aboard" very loudly since Christmas.

The girls got some cute outfits and a giant school bus play structure thing that Santa brought. They also got some board books, and some weeble wobble stuff, and too much other stuff that I can't think of right now. They didn't get the whole Christmas thing yet this year, and were definitely more into playing with all the sparkling bows and ripping the wrapping paper than anything else.

Ian was off from work from the 22nd till today. We really didn't do much of anything during our Christmas break. The babies had no appointments of any kind! So we just stayed around the house a lot.

New Year's eve was low key too. We were invited to a small kid friendly party, but we opted to stay home, eat a bunch of junk food and play "Life" the Sponge Bob edition that I got especially for that night. The boys made it till around 10:30, then fell asleep watching a movie in bed. Ian and I watched the ball drop, and headed to bed shortly after. We are so boring!!! We didn't even drink champagne!

I am looking forward to some normalcy in 2007! Less tears and sorrows and more joy and happiness. The babies are doing great! Staying healthy (knock on wood), and the only thing I'm not looking forward to is turning 30! Yes this year should be a good one. I'm not going to miss 2006, I'm glad it's over!

So now it's back to reality. Back to work for Ian, and school for Jacob (well almost, he came home early with a sore throat today). And Mady has 2 therapists from EI coming later today. They will be very pleased to see all that she's learned in the past 3 weeks! I will post more on both babies and some pictures later (probably tonight).

For now I must go play nurse to my sick 7 year old, and feed a hungry toddler. The girls are taking their nap, so hopefully I'll get some chores done! wishful thinking.