Thursday, February 14, 2008

eye doctor

The girls had their 6 month check up yesterday with their pediatric opthamologist. This is the first time that he didn't need to dialate their eyes...and what a great visit it was because of that! It made for a much shorter visit, and no holding screaming babies down to get the drops into their eyes. And if I haven't mentioned it before, it is much more torturous for me, because I have a huge eye phobia! It's a miracle I can get through my own eye exams, let alone their's!

So we got pretty good news! Mady's eyes have always been great and they are staying that YAY! And Katy's eyes seem to be holding their own, and not getting any worse. She has a mild case of strabismus and is farsighted, but the issues have not progressed, so that means no glasses for her right now. I was so excited to hear that! We were pretty certain in august at her last appt. that glasses wer inevitable. So this is great news! The visit was our best yet. It's always so nice coming out of one of their Dr. appts with such great news. And it seems to be happening more and more often! Dare I say that they are finally overcoming many of their preemie obstacles?! A happy day indeed!


angie said...

What excellent news!

Shannon said...

So glad that you got good news! I am sure that you are more than ready to have the preemie days behind you. Sounds like its coming! Congrats!